Published in Gair Rhydd, 15th October 2019.

Trigger warning: this article contains discussion of mental health and suicide

The mental health crisis among university students hit the headlines in 2017 as the national media reported on the high number of student suicides at the University of Bristol, where thirteen students are believed to have taken their own lives in the last three years.

A survey conducted by Dig-In and The Insight Network in March of this year found that almost 34% of students ‘have experienced a serious psychological issue for which they felt they need professional help’, whilst almost 88% of students ‘reported that they had struggled with feelings of anxiety’, showing the prevalence of mental health issues among the student population. With NHS mental health services drastically underfunded and university counselling services overwhelmed with the number of students seeking help, what more can and should universities be doing to support their students’ mental health?

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