Published on Twinkl Educational Resources, 25th January 2022.

Nature can be very healing. When we connect with nature, we soothe our minds and bodies. Ever noticed your stress just melting away as you take a stroll through a gorgeous wooded area, or felt the weight of your body supported by a bed of sand at the beach? There is a healing power contained in nature that we can easily access by simply visiting a natural area and allowing our senses to soak in all the surrounding goodness.

We’re here to provide you with three brilliant ways you can connect with nature to support your wellbeing. For each idea, we’ve provided you with some supporting resources you can use to help. If you’re unable to access an outdoor space for any reason, we haven’t forgotten you! We’ve included some top tips to help you bring nature into your home at the end of this blog. Keep reading to get some refreshing ideas about how to connect with nature and, ultimately, yourself.

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